Abiose Spriggs:
Ten-Point Program

The Ten-Point Program is the Black Panther Party's declaration to the world. Each point in the list is a demand by the BPP for the Black/Brown community that they aimed to serve, calling out the American government and demanding change for the people. 50 years later, each point still rings true. ALL POWER TO THE PEOPLE.

Born and raised in Atlanta, Ga. I now reside in Rochester, NY. Currently the bar manager at the Playhouse/Swillburger, I received my undergraduate degree at the College of Wooster in Wooster, Ohio for fine art. I was introduced to art through my parents, my mother, an educator and my father was in art administration. My entire upbringing was centered around art thus growing my appreciation for it and leading me to study it further. My art focuses primarily on my personal experience and interest as a black person in America. Expressed through various mediums, drawing, printmaking, sculpture, and preferred medium, paint. In my paintings, I love utilizing the medium to show the artist hand often against an attempt to create the absences of the artist hand. Painterly brush strokes that are free and dance across the surface confined by the square. This to me is what it's like to be black in America. Being fed the illusion of freedom but never allowed to have it. Color has always been important in my art, the connection of color to emotion is a large driving force behind anything I paint or draw, etc. Therefore I am always inspired by painters who`utilize bold colors and big canvases and those that use multiple mediums. Jacob Lawrence, Josef Albers, Sam Gilliam, David Hammonds, Cezanne, Paul Gaugin, Egon Schile, Emma Amos, Wanda Koop, Radcliffe Bailey, Virginia Jaramillo, Betye Saar, Kerry James Marshall, and Elizabeth Catlett to name a few.

Instagram: @forevershopping_alwaysdad