educate & collaborate

Education and collaboration are embedded into every step of the Radical Jewelry Makeover process:

  • Experts in appraisal, smelters and refiners, jewelers and makers all work together during the sort & assess process

  • Artists and jewelers share information about techniques during the remake process

  • Conversations about issues and practices of the jewelry industry happen throughout each step as described in previous steps

  • When someone donates jewelry and it is assessed, donors are given a coupon for the value of their donation. This value exemplifies the reuse value as the pieces are remade and offers information about the impact of typical jewelry industry practices

These coupons may be redeemed during the exhibition (showcase) of the new work, which helps the made-over pieces reenter the world.

RJM educational opportunities go beyond full-blown installments. Further outreach happens in the form of abbreviated workshops held in art centers and K-12 classrooms. "Leftovers” from previous installments stay in the RJM food chain for occasions such as this and helps spread the message of RJM!