Documenting the Nameplate

Documenting the Nameplate is a forthcoming book celebrating nameplate jewelry culture organized by cofounders Marcel Rosa-Salas and Isabel Flower, and designer Kyle Richardson. Through open-call events in New York City, Houston, and Los Angeles, as well as an online portal through which anyone, worldwide, can submit images and/or anecdotes, Documenting the Nameplate has aimed to build a dynamic repository of nameplate jewelry’s many histories and meanings while foregrounding the personal experiences of its wearers. Documenting the Nameplate is forthcoming in 2022.

Isabel Flower, Marcel Rosa-Salas, and Kyle Richardson are friends living in New York City. Marcel is assistant professor of marketing at the University of Illinois at Chicago and Isabel is a writer and editor. Previously they hosted the Top Rank Podcast. Kyle is an independent graphic designer who is currently pursuing her MFA in Yale’s Graphic Design. She is designing the culminating book.

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Top image:

Vita Rosa (@athugcalledsnug)

Photo by Destiny Mata (@destiny.mata)

New York

Top to bottom, *from left to right:

Elena Joy (@halfhug)

Photo by Gogy Esparza (@_gogito)

New York

Genai (@genaaaai)

Photo by Nichelle Dailey (@nichelledailey)

Los Angeles

Jalil (@ja_skillz72)

Photo by Troy Montes (@troyezeq)


Destiny (@buddaflyblanca)

Photo by Laura Ciriaco (@woooptywuuu)

New York

Janai (@janaiivana)

Photo by owner

New York

Hanan (@hananmahbouba_)

Photo by Maria Penaloza (@ohmiamore)

New York

Elizabeth & sons

Scan by Documenting the Nameplate

New York

Nameplate pendants at the Slauson Super Mall

Photo by Arlene Mejorado (@ari.mejorado)

Los Angeles


Photo by G. Rosa Rey (@g.rosa.rey)

New York