Underpin & Overcoat

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Now on view in Rochester, NY through Spring 2021! View Rochester Contemporary Art Center's website for more details!

Underpin and Overcoat rescales and reimagines political buttons and places them on the architectural exteriors of buildings. Big, bold, and bright, these buttons reference political images and slogans but without advocating specific beliefs or positions. Instead, political statement itself and the hard-won right to give voice to political ideas, emerge as the medium and the message. Underpin and Overcoat brings the themes of Worn out of the gallery and into the streets.

Some of the designs are originals by Miller & Toelke, while others were contributed by local Rochester artists. You can view the individual pieces and read more about each piece by clicking below.


Support the Underpin & Overcoat project by purchasing this commemorative button! This is a 1 1/2" x 3" replica of the U&O button that now hangs on the Susan B. Anthony House & Museum in Rochester, NY.

Contributions from this commemorative button will help support the production costs of Underpin and Overcoat. Additional proceeds donated to The League of Women Voters and Black Voters Matter.

Minimum contribution for one button is $20 (plus $3 for shipping). If you would like to purchase more than one button please contact us wornexhibition@gmail.com