Ornament, bauble, bling, trinket, treasure, trimmings, knickknack, frippery, finery, adornment, accessory. These are the words we often use to describe jewelry, marginalizing its importance. Worn looks at jewelry through a different loupe showing us how jewelry is vital to personal expression and is a powerful tool for action, protest, and identity formation. This unconventional exhibition about jewelry does not showcase singular jewelry objects. Instead, this exhibition presents projects situated at the intersection of jewelry, social issues, and our nation’s history. Shown together as an exhibition, these collaborative artworks and projects highlight how jewelry is ubiquitous, powerful, private, public, precious, democratic, and so much more.
Projects featured include the collaborative works
Amend, Documenting the Nameplate, the Hand Medal Project, Radical Jewelry Makeover, Sash Memorial, and Underpin & Overcoat.

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