Ornament, bauble, bling, trinket, treasure, trimmings, knickknack, frippery, finery, adornment, accessory. These are the words we often use to describe jewelry, marginalizing its importance. But if we look at jewelry through a different loupe we can see that jewelry is much more than an accessory. It is vital to personal expression and a powerful tool for action, protest, and identity formation. Simply put, jewelry expresses our innate impulse to adorn and to communicate who we are.

The exhibition Worn takes jewelry outside the jewelry box to explore these potent aspects of jewelry. Rather than a traditional showcase of jewelry, Worn presents artworks and projects situated at the intersection of jewelry, social issues, and our nation’s history. Graphic images and text, photography, print media, and raw materials showcase how jewelry is ubiquitous, powerful, private, public, precious, democratic, and so much more.

Projects featured include the collaborative works Amend, Documenting the Nameplate, the Hand Medal Project, Radical Jewelry Makeover, Sash Memorial, and Underpin & Overcoat.

Documenting the Nameplate

Amend Exhibition

Hand Metal Project

Sash Memorial

Radical Jewelry Makeover