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I Heart NY

I love New York, even during a pandemic.

Check Mark

A positive mark of achievement. A vote for. Task completed. Yes!


A timely twist on this classic face says what we are often thinking.

Say It!

There is so much to be said--say it here!

Diversity Rainbow

The rainbow is a sign of hope and pride for all of us.

Susan B. Anthony

“Failure is impossible” a quote from social reformer Susan B. Anthony’s final speech in 1906 still resonates today and inspires hope in the face of adversity.

This year marks two significant anniversaries in the fight for women’s equality. It is the 100-year anniversary of the passage of the 19th amendment, which gave women the right to vote. It also marks 200 years since Susan B. Anthony’s birth. Anthony was a leader in the women’s suffrage movement and although she died before she was able to legally cast a ballot, her lifelong advocacy for women’s suffrage and equality continues to influence those who work to build equity and justice.